Award-winning figurative sculpture

Award-winning figurative sculptureAward-winning figurative sculptureAward-winning figurative sculpture
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My Background

Denisa Prochazka is an award-winning Canadian artist based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

She is a classically trained figurative sculptor with a passion for portrait sculpture and figurative clay reliefs. 

Many of her sculptures depict female subjects and feminine forms created to empower and inspire the feminine balance in this world.

"My goal is to bring my art forward to public spaces so that passersby can find peace, beauty and healing connection for a moment in time in their life’s journey. I strongly believe in creating meaningful and healing artwork that has the power to transform people's lives. Some of my sculptures are specifically created for donation to Women's Shelters, as well as charity projects to support children in Orphanages around the world."  -Denisa


“A superb artist with the utmost attention to detail, Denisa Prochazka creates outstanding figurative sculpture that inspires the highest aspirations in humanity.”  ~ Renée Phillips, Curator, Manhattan Arts international

"This talented, gracious artist creates breathtaking, inspirational, and awe inspiring works of art that need to be seen to be believed!" -Mary-Ann Rowan

"Your work is brilliant, I love my flower of life. Your sculpture brings me great joy."  -Linda Carr

"I own a bust of a beautiful woman, and I'm astonished by it every day. It is, as an object, heavy and solid, so substantial in its physicality I was surprised when I got it, and continue to be, because it is in form such a thing of living beauty it seems ephemeral. I'm lucky enough to know Denisa, her gentleness and kindness, her strength and her generosity - and the heart as well as the hands that made this is evident in the curves of the face and the throat, the blossom at the neck. It inspires my own work, it brings me peace and joy. And every time I look at it or touch it, wonder."

-Ruth Dick, Photographer

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