Award-winning figurative sculpture

Award-winning figurative sculptureAward-winning figurative sculptureAward-winning figurative sculpture

Charity Art

Orphan Series - Art Concept

Throughout the history of art, a sculpted portrait was an artistic representation, which conveyed not only a likeness, personality and the unique facial qualities of the sitter, in many instances, it also represented power, wealth and the importance of one's position in society. Even today, in our technologically advanced and interconnected world, the importance of the “self” through “selfies”, and the obsession of the rock star and movie star symbol, is similarly linked to success, wealth, power, superiority and perfection. 

As an artist, I wanted to expand upon this idea and create sculpted portraits of children on the opposite spectrum of our society's perception. I decided to sculpt orphaned and abandoned children around the world as a charitable project, to bring these children to light and deeper awareness, to give them a voice without being able to speak for themselves, to give them power, importance and deeply felt presence. The idea of this project is to raise funds from each sale of these portraits and donate it to different orphanages around the world, to bring the most vulnerable but not forgotten children to our society's deeper awareness so that others can be inspired to help. I strongly believe in creating meaningful and healing artwork that has the power to transform people's lives. I intentionally infuse my art with positive energy, shining light on love, beauty, healing connection and a deeper awareness of our own humanity.

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'Katinka's Sunlight, Ukraine'  Orphan Series